The trackball mouse is the early predecessor to what we know today as the optical mouse, which uses an embedded LED and camera or sensor to track movement, such that you don’t need a physical mouse surface.

Trackballs Have Two Main Parts:

1) The ball: Trackballs operate much like an upside-down mouse – roll it in whichever direction you want your cursor to move.

2) The buttons: they are not directly connected to the motor, and are just two normal PC keys that you can press straight down and move as you wish.

A Complete Guide to Clean a Trackball Mouse:

What do we need?

We use a soft, moistened cloth to clean up the trackball. The cloth should be very soft so as not to scratch the trackball surface. Also, the cloth has to be moistened with warm water or alcohol.

Step 1. Unscrew the screws located at each side of the trackball mouse’s housing with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Step 2. Lift the top portion of that housing off the bottom half to reveal the internal components you need to clean. Be careful not to lose any small screws or other hardware pieces during this process.

Step 3. Once the top is off, you can easily see all of the components of your trackball mouse. It is necessary to clean each one thoroughly to keep your trackball mouse working properly and efficiently.

Step 4. Use either rubbing alcohol or water to clean each component inside the trackball mouse with a soft fabric. After cleaning each part, use a Q-Tip or cotton swab to clean out any grooves or crevices that may not be accessible otherwise.

Step 5. After each component has been thoroughly cleaned, you can place all internal parts onto a paper towel. Allow that to sit for a few minutes so that any excess moisture that may be present can evaporate.

Step 6. Once each component has had adequate time to dry, place them back in the housing of your trackball mouse in the order they were taken out. Be sure to orient them correctly and replace all screws before reattaching the top portion of your housing.

Step 7. Once everything is securely put back together, test your trackball mouse. You should have a renewed level of confidence in your trackball mouse’s efficiency, performance and reliability.

Measures to Take While Cleaning Trackball Mouse:

While cleaning the components of your trackball mouse, it is crucial that you do not allow the internal hardware to become wet or moist. Be sure to use either rubbing alcohol or water to clean each component, and be sure those liquids are completely dry before replacing them. 

It is also essential to clean your trackball mouse regularly. The more you clean it, the more efficient and precise it will be. The trackball will function at 100% capacity if it is cleaned once every six months.

Causes of Dirty Trackball:

1. Dust and dirt collection: The hard outer shell of the trackball collects dirt and dust particles. When the trackball is pushed, this dust accumulates in the moving ring. When the ball finally comes to a halt, these particles get trapped on the moving ring and stuck inside.

2. Friction: When the ball is rolling, there is friction between the ball and the trackball surface. Over time, this can result in dirt build up inside.

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If you closely follow this guide, it will save you time, money and hassle. You will have a clean trackball mouse that can last you a long time.  You will also save money on replacing trackball lights because they don’t need to be replaced as often.