Many people don’t know how to clean the scroll wheel on their mouse, which leads to a mess and not being able to use the mouse correctly. There is a simple way, however.

You can clean your scroll wheel in two ways, one by disconnecting and one without disconnecting to the computer. So here is how you can do both:

Steps to Clean Scroll Wheel by Disconnecting the Mouse:

1.Remove the mouse from the computer by disconnecting the cable.

2. Unscrew the cover or plastic shell of the mouse shell by removing its screws where you can see them. When you remove the cover, make sure that you remember where the screws are, as removing them incorrectly will break the surface. Be careful while removing the cap as it is connected to the sensor and wires down below.

3.Find a screwdriver that is thin enough to fit in between the pane and top plate of the mouse while not scratching it so that it will not get worn off, and you can use it for a more extended time.

4.Use a towel to hold the scroll wheel and use a flat screwdriver to clean the scroll wheel by cleaning around the top of the wheel to remove any dirt or debris attached to it that may cause friction.

Steps to Clean Scroll Wheel Without Disconnecting Mouse:

1.Remove all covers except for two strips of plastic underneath, attaching two pieces at the top part of your mouse. Then below these two small strips, you will see a ‘window’ attached with small screws. 

2.Take out all those screws and clean the ‘window’ that is attached with small screws.

3.Put back all covers except for the two small strips of plastic at the top of the mouse and use your screwdriver to clean the scroll wheel by cleaning around the top of the wheel to remove any clogged dirt or debris.

Difficulties in cleaning the scroll wheel:

If you are facing difficulties in cleaning the scroll wheel, it may be because of a few factors. A mouse usually takes two AA batteries or is plugged into the computer via a cord. If there is some dirt stuck between the scroll wheel and the plastic shell, you may not be able to clean it because there is just not enough room to put your fingers inside to remove the dirt. To solve this problem, unscrew the bottom of your mouse and remove the battery’s cover and then use a small screwdriver to ‘clean’ off any dirt in between the wheel and plastic shell. If you have a corded mouse, remove all pieces except for two small strips at the top containing small screws.

After Cleaning:

After cleaning your mouse, you may see that it is working correctly again. Check and make sure that it works fine again before putting the cover or plastic shell you had removed earlier back on top of the mouse.

When these steps have been completed, you should be able to use your scroll wheel on your mouse flawlessly. 

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Once you clean the scroll wheel, it will help your mouse to move more smoothly and be less likely to catch on the surface. It will also help avoid stuttering in games, skipping the cursor while typing, and not scrolling down on long pages on Google or Wikipedia.