A right mouse is a powerful tool in the writer’s arsenal. With three buttons and two scroll wheels, it offers unprecedented control and functionality. You can use this power for good when you learn how to hold your mouse properly. Here are some helpful tips on how to get a handle on your rodent of choice!


1) Get some wrist support– if you’re not using something for your wrist, find something that will provide extra support (e.g., headrest).

2) Try to hold your mouse with your middle finger and thumb.

3) Your pinky finger should always be touching the mousepad.

4) You’re going to reach for the mouse with the palm of your hand; using just your fingertips is going to put you in a bad position.

5) Rotate your wrist backward so that you’re gripping the mouse on the back of your hand and not between fingers (which will make it harder to click).

6) Your wrist should be pointing straight up/down, not to the left/right.

7) Put your elbow on the surface you’re working on to rest your arm. This will keep your wrist and forearm from getting tired as quickly.

8) Check the sensitivity of your mouse and try different settings until things feel comfortable. For example, if you move the mouse only slightly, your cursor should move a great distance across the screen. This is known as “sensitivity.”

9) If you’re a touch typist (that is, you don’t see the keys you’re typing and instead see the words appear on the screen), then use your left hand to control the mouse.

10) If you have carpal tunnel syndrome or any other wrist/hand problem, be careful when using your mouse. It might hurt without you even realizing it!

Mistakes Made by People While Holding a Mouse:

– People who have a habit of typing with one hand hold their mouse with the other hand. This makes it difficult to control the mouse properly.

– It is possible to use both hands to control a computer without excessive strain on your hands.

– People who are not used to using the mouse hold it with their thumb and fingers rather than the hand.

– People who wear rings often have problems while holding a mouse. They have difficulty controlling the mouse buttons due to their ring.

– People who use a tablet as a mouse are more prone to injuries because they strain their wrists by holding it for too long. There is also a problem with people that don’t hold it correctly.

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By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to control your mouse the right way. Make sure that you don’t hold it in a way that causes pain, and be careful not to keep your wrist in a weird position for too long. Now go practice using your mouse properly!


Q: How hard should the mouse be gripped?

A: It should be gripped with enough force that it does not move when you move your hand. However, you do not want to grip the mouse so hard that your hand becomes tense and uncomfortable

Q: What is the right place of the wrist to support it while using a mouse?

A: The best place to support the wrist is near the end. The thumb and finger should rest and fit snuggly at the end of the surface. The other fingers should be bent slightly on the desk as they are used when clicking.

Q: What is the role of the pinkie finger when using a mouse?

A: The pinkie can be used to support the hand and wrist when you are using a mouse. Place the pinkie at the edge of the surface; this way, you’ll have better control of your wrist.